If you are heading to the beach for your holiday, then you better start packing. In order to enjoy this holiday thoroughly, it is important for you to take certain things with you. Of course, you can spend a day at the beach without these items. But it will not as be as fun or safe. If you want to have a good time with your friends at the beach, then you need to take the following items with you.


Unless you enjoy getting sunburnt, it is important for you to take a bottle of sunscreen with you. Since you will be out in the sun for a long time, it is possible for you to get easily sunburnt. Once you get into your swimwear, you are definitely going to get sunburnt. In this case, you need to apply sunscreen to avoid any complications. The key to applying sunscreen is to make sure that you do it at least 30 minutes beforehand. You should not put it just before you walk into the sun. This will not work and therefore it will not prevent you from getting sunburnt.


Regardless of whether you like sunbathing or not, it is important for you to take a towel with you. This item will come in handy during many situations. If you do not want to directly lie down in the sand, you can lie down on the towel. Also, you can cover yourself with your towel when you are not in the water. Moreover, once you are done swimming, you can use it to try yourself. It is best to opt for Turkish towels since they weigh less. This will enable you to easily pack it inside your bag without increasing the weight unnecessarily.


Even though sunscreen will protect your skin, it will not protect your eyes – especially considering the fact that you cannot apply it near the eyes. It is important for you to protect your eyes since being exposed to the hot weather for a long time can make your eyes easily tired. In this case, the simplest solution is to wear sunglasses. These will definitely keep your eyes cool and will keep you away from the harmful UV rays. Also, wearing sunglasses in the beach will definitely help you to look better as well.


This is something that you should not forget under any circumstance. Of course, you do not necessarily have to wear swimwear. But it will definitely make it much easier. When you get into the sea in your regular clothes, it can be difficult for you to move around since your clothes will get heavy. You will feel uncomfortable as well. However, when you wear swimwear, you will be able to move and swim more easily. Therefore, make sure to pack a comfortable and fitting swimwear for the trip.

Apart from this, you also might want to take a hat. Moreover, if you are interested in any beach sports such as volleyball or surfing, make sure to pack the necessary equipment.


Cleaning Tips for Roller Blinds

Whether you’ve only recently installed roller blinds, you’re about to purchase some from providers of roller blinds in Melbourne, or you think it’s time your existing ones have a freshen up, it can be tricky knowing how to get your blinds looking as impressive as possible.

Regularly cleaning your roller blinds is a sure way to keep them looking presentable for guests, extend their longevity and ensure they’re hygienic for everyone in your home. When you fail to routinely maintain your window coverings, wear and tear can get the better of them. If it looks like your roller blinds have seen better days, it might be time for a thorough clean. Here are some tips to help you carry out an effective clean.

Research Your Fabric

Before attempting to clean your roller blinds, it’s always a good idea to conduct research into the fabric type of your blinds. Some fabrics are far too delicate to submerge into water, plus there are a variety of cleaning products that will be too harsh for them. Roller blinds in Melbourne come in a variety of fabrics and styles, so be sure to investigate your own fabric before going ahead with a clean. This will eliminate the chance of damaging your roller blinds beyond repair and being forced to buy new ones. Knowing what your fabrics can and can’t handle is the best way to maintain them safely and effectively over time.

Take Small Steps for Big Results

Most people don’t realise that small maintenance measures are the best way to protect roller blinds from deteriorating, discolouring and looking ugly. Keep on top of your roller blinds by simply dusting them regularly. Dust and debris is a problem for roller blinds for a few different reasons. Not only do dusty roller blinds look bad, but the bacteria that can accumulate on their surfaces can negatively impact health. Whether you dust with a duster or simply run a damp cloth over the roller blinds from time to time, this will help to extend their lifespan and ensure hygiene in the home. If there are any stubborn marks on your blinds, mild detergent can be a gentle way to lift them.

Bath Tub Scrubs

There are some roller blinds in Melbourne that have the potential to be washed in the bath. If this is the case, you’re one of the lucky ones. It means you can effectively and efficiently wash your roller blinds in a simple manner. If designed for bath cleaning, you can clean your roller blinds in a warm bath with a gentle detergent, allowing them to soak before hanging them to dry. If your roller blinds are white, you can also use some bleach to boost their colour.

Gentle Care for Delicate Fabrics

If your roller blinds are made from delicate fabrics, it’s recommended that you use detergent and a damp cloth. This allows you to keep an eye on the fabric of your blinds and ensure it’s not being ruined. Make sure you aren’t using cleaning products packed with harsh chemicals that could harm the fabric. This can wear your blinds out and could even potentially change their colour.