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Tips to Groom and Gear up Your Horse

Planning on getting a new horse? Before you lean to ride, you’ll need to know how to take care of your horse and how to put on its gear. Follow these tips to learn how to groom and saddle your horse.

Keep Your Horse Clean

It’s important to keep your horse clean and well-brushed. There are several brushes that you can try out when cleaning your horse. These include the curry comb, hoof pick, mane brush, soft brush as well as hard brush. Start with using the curry comb in circular motions. This will help you with making sure that the dirt gets loose from the horse’s fur coat. The hard brush should follow the curry comb  and this will ensure that any tiny particles of dirt stuck to the coat of the horse missed by the curry comb is removed. Make sure you comb the horse according to how its hair falls, meaning form the front, all the way to the back. This should be followed by the soft brush. The soft brush is used to brush off the dirt stuck in the sensitive areas of the horse’s body.

What Gear Do You Need?

Make sure you have the right attire when you are ready to get on your horse. You will have to gather up several things when you are ready for riding. These include trousers for horse riding, socks, helmet, chaps and even a whip. You can also wear a body protector which is often worn by rookies.

Basics Of Saddling Your Horse

When you are putting the saddle on your horse, make sure it is cleaned of all dirt, especially underneath and the bridle too. When you place the saddle, make sure it is placed comfortably to help you get a good grip. Experts say you need to take a look and see if the straps are placed right behind the horse’s front legs.

After this, insert the girth through the loop and tie it up with the straps. Do the same with the other side. It is important to always saddle from the left side.

Put On The Bridle

Put the reins of the bridle over the horse’s head first and place yourself on the left side with your right arm to hold the nose down. With your left arm, take the bridle in your hand. Place the bit in the horse’s mouth. And if you have trouble doing this, you can insert a finger into the back of the horse’s mouth as they do not have teeth they tend to open its mouth to help you put on the bit.

Put the crown on the horse over the ears and tie up the latch on the throat. This should be done so that you can insert a fist in between the latch around the throat and the horse. You should then tie the noseband. This depends on the kind of bridle you can put under or maybe over the bit.

Once you’re ready you can take your horse for a ride.

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