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This page is dedicated to the many experiments in “serious gaming,” a catch-all term that focuses on games that use play to address real world social and political problems, combine rich storytelling with gameplay to explore the lives of real people and cultures, analyze and simulate existing systems (eg. elections or food inspection), or seek to educate players about a topic. Gaming in journalism is often called “newsgames,” a term coined by Ian Bogost, Bobby Schweizer, and Simon Ferrari that “names a broad body of work produced at the intersection of video games and journalism,” according to their book Newsgames: Journalism at Play.

Below is a directory of games developed by, or in partnership with, journalism companies to convey or explain news (newsgames), or games generally tackling a larger social or political topic (serious games). These are examples I have come across over the years. The list, with over 100 titles to-date, is by no means comprehensive, and it is updated irregularly as I discover new titles. If you discover I’m missing a game, please contact me.

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