2015 has been the year of the wage in Oakland.

I’ve been growing more interested in which restaurants in Oakland have been adopting the tipless model in particular. It’s essentially the idea that tips are replaced with higher wages for greater consistency in pay and equity reasons (addressing discrimination issues in tipping and kitchen staff usually get the shaft on tips, least in my experience).

Between the passage of Measure FF last year, which raised the minimum wage to $12.25/hour, and the growing popularity of the “tipless” model throughout the city, restaurant goers are probably noticing their bills have been higher than usual. Some servers have also noticed lower take home pay, especially those working in higher-end joints.

I decided to start a tally of these tipless restaurants, mostly out of curiosity but also as a service for others interested in the issue. If you notice a restaurant missing from the below list or map, hit me up on twitter or email me so I can add it to the list/map.

  • Bocanova
  • Camino
  • Dopo
  • Duende
  • GrĂ©goire
  • Homestead
  • Jack’s Oyster Bar & Fish House
  • Lanesplitter
  • Marc 49
  • Tay Ho