Check it out here.

Very exciting to see a large publication use the Pretty Money tool.

The staff I worked with at the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat were really excited to get an opportunity to use the app. It was the first roll out of version 2 for the app, so I was nervous of the potential bugs and what-not. But it appeared to go swimmingly.

This version of the app using most of the original features I built in, focusing mostly on how the candidate using their cash and where they were raising their money from. Less emphasis on independent expenditures (outside money), but it has a presence.

The challenge with this project is the data had to be inputed manually; Sonoma County does not offer their data electronically, like 92 percent of jurisdictions in California. That raises the likelihood of input errors and makes updating the app more painful than when you can electronically process the data from csv or an API.

But this gave me good insight into how to approach this problem moving forward.