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This is my first major data-driven web application I’ve built from scratch (well, using JQuery). I took vaccination data for California kindergarteners from the most recent school year (2013-14), and I built this app that allows you to look at both county and school level data to see the degree to which students were vaccinated.

Check out the data app here.

The data, downloaded from the California Department of Public Health, provided the particulars on how many kindergarteners were up-to-date on their vaccinations, conditionally compliant and, most importantly for the story, which kindergarteners were not vaccinated due to personal belief exemptions. The original data showed vaccination rates for both private and public schools, but I went the extra mile and pulled out all the charters as a separate category using a school list the California Department of Education has on their website.

What was interesting about the project was the degree to which parents were increasingly not vaccinating their children due to personal beliefs, whether political or religious. This was particularly evident in rural counties, but surprisingly this was also happening in counties like Marin and Santa Cruz among more affluent and educated populations.