The following interactive graphic was the product of an interesting challenge: how do you visualize 11 categorical data points for 30 school districts in one comprehensive graphic. The challenge came about after I wanted to figure out a way to visualize the results of an EdSource report titled, “Recovering from the Recession: Pressures Ease on California’s Largest School Districts but Stresses Remain.”

The report examined how the 30 largest school districts in California have fared since the Great Recession in 11 key areas, including teacher layoffs and the number of children in poverty. The report generally classified the progress of school districts based on its level of “stress” in these areas.

This was a fun project, and I learned much from it. I was inspired by several graphics the UK Guardian made in its effect to communicate in one comprehensive graphic the status of certain regulations on guns in each state in the U.S.

Check out the interactive graphic.