Screenshot from The Candidate, 2013

Since the early 2000s, newsrooms have experimented with how to use games to tell journalistic stories. Often referred to as either serious games or newsgames, these experiments ran the gamut of products that incorporated some element of “play” into news, including quizzes, playful interactives and even immersive games. I highly recommend this report written by Maxwell Foxman on the evolution of games in the newsroom to learn more about the history and experimentation in this area.

Since 2011, I’ve grown interested in how to do journalism and games right. There are so many challenges to using games as a vehicle for journalistic storytelling, but so many possibilities. I’ve worked on several games since then, including Gimmie Props! (an playful interactive ballot guide) and The Candidate (a choose-your-own adventure game about running for Congress).

Starting in 2016, I’m staking my livelihood that games will be the next big medium for storytelling, as podcasts and graphic journalism were once obscure and now widely respected mediums, by building a company that blends the best of interactive storytelling, game design and journalistic investigation to deliver products which will take media.