Updated on Thursday, November 10

Originally published on Patch.com

Since the Occupy Movement began on September 17, people in thousands of cities throughout the world have hosted protests, established encampments, or expressed their solidarity with the cause. A month into the movement, there appears to be no sign of slowing down.

According to an analysis of news articles, Occupy Together meetups, and occupy websites, at least 92 occupations in effect across California — at 71 expressed through regular protests, while 21 are long-term encampments.

The above map clearly shows that most of the occupations are concentrated on the more liberal coastal areas. However, it is clear that the occupations are spreading into more conservative areas of the state: the lavish wealthy enclaves of the Coachella Valley, the agricultural Central Valley, and rural Northern California. There were dozens more occupations being organized throughout the state, but have not planned a day of protest.

The newcomer to the occupation, Occupy Cal at UC Berkeley, met violent police resistance the moment the first tent dropped. Police used batons to beat and push the hundreds of protestors there away from the plaza where their camp was set up. Thousands turned out last night in solidarity of the march.

Occupy Oakland continues to negotiate tactics and how to define violence. The city’s leadership is becoming more vocal about wanting the camp to disappear, though there are no signs that the camp will be raided soon. Meanwhile, Occupy San Francisco has grown into a bustling tent city. Organizers have been working with the city to find a way to keep the camp going without involving the police.

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This map shows occupy actions found or planned across California. If there is an occupy that is not listed here, please let me know and I’ll add it. Published on a number of Patch.com websites. 

Tent = Encampment;
Cop = Protests Only;