Welcome to the digital vault of Bayreporta, aka John C. Osborn.

John is a data journalist and web developer who is passionate about open government, campaign finance, and journalism games. He is the digital communications manager at EdSource, a non-profit education news website reporting on all things education throughout California. When not working at his day job, John volunteers his time with OpenOakland, a Code for America brigade focused on leveraging technological solutions to civic problems. He is involved with Open Disclosure CA, an initative that will lead to the California's first centralized repository of local campaign finance data. John is also a big advocate of finding ways to use gaming to tell stories in journalism.

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One day at work, I was challenged: we have a handful of 300-word commentaries we want to publish, how should we do it? It didn’t make sense to make each commentary its own post, and placing each one in the same post would just end up creating a 2,000-plus word monster. So I conjured up […]

Published: June 4 2015

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2015 has been the year of the wage in Oakland. I’ve been growing more interested in which restaurants in Oakland have been adopting the tipless model in particular. It’s essentially the idea that tips are replaced with higher wages for greater consistency in pay and equity reasons (addressing discrimination issues in tipping and kitchen staff […]

Published: June 1 2015